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Welcome to Thorn VPN, a leading VPN ratings, VPN reviews and VPN guides portal that is your one stop shop for all things VPNs.

Virtual Private Networks are becoming more and more of a necessity and more and more popular but that has created an ever increasing choice of VPN providers. As with everything, this means that some providers offers great service, some a poor one and some in between but how do you know which is which.

That is where Thorn steps in as we rate and review a wide choice of Virtual Private Network providers to give you all of the information you need in one place.


As our use of the internet, either through browsers or apps continues to increase and the information we input into more and more devices continues to get more personal and more important, protecting that information becomes more and more of an issue.
To help protect our valuable information, more and more people are turning to the incredible services offered by VPN’s but a good quality virtual private network needs more than a good range of attributes, it needs to be a fast, safe, and most importantly secure service.

Finding a VPN that matches your needs and that is safe to use can be confusing but here at Thorn VPN, we make the process as simple as possible.

Top Rated VPN’s

Editor choice 1 ExpressVPN


Our in-depth review of ExpressVPN, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service from Express VPN. Is it worth buying and what are its good and bad parts?
Editor choice 2 Nord VPN

Nord VPN

Our in-depth review of NordVPN, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service from Nord VPN. Is it worth buying and what are its good and bad parts?
Editor choice 3 Surfshark


Our in-depth review of Surfshark, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service from Surfshark VPN. Is it worth buying and what are its good and bad parts?
4 Ivacy

Ivacy VPN

Our in-depth review of Ivacy VPN, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service from Ivacy. Is it worth buying and what are its good and bad parts?
5 Bitdefender

Bitdefender VPN

Our in-depth review of BitDefender VPN, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service from BitDefender. Is it worth buying and what are its good and bad parts?
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That is where Thorn steps in as we rate and review a wide choice of Virtual Private Network providers to give you all of the information you need in one place.
VPN Ratings

VPN Ratings

If you are not sure which VPN service is best for you, why not start with our top rated VPN’s currently on the market?

VPN Reviews

VPN Reviews

Get all of the information you need on a wide range of VPN services from across the globe, with our in depth VPN reviews.

VPN Guides

VPN Guides

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Top 10 VPNs

Top 10 VPNs

Don’t have time to read our guides, simply choose from our top 10 VPN’s. Pick from our top rated VPN’s, read their reviews and choose the best Virtual Private Network for you.

Virtual Private Networks

In a time when more and more of us are using multiple devices to do everything online from banking to grocery shopping and from booking holidays to a day’s work- security online is becoming a bigger and bigger concern but it is becoming harder and harder to stay safe online.

A lot of that is because so many of us rely on storing secure information as we simply cannot remember log in details for 100’s of website and we are now more than every doing all of the above on the move.

Unfortunately, that means that you and I are constantly inputting our most valuable personnel information onto unsecure devices and using unsecure public wi-fi and 4g networks.

Thorn VPN

Thankfully, there is a way to fight back and to add a massive extra layer of protection against those snooping on your information and that is by using a VPN- or a Virtual Private Network.

A Virtual Private Network, to simplify the process, acts an intermediary between you and your ISP which take all of the information that you input and encrypts it before it goes along the internet to its destination.

Normally so much of what we type into our computers, laptops, tablets or phones is simply sent out and can be seen by anybody who wants to see it but if you encrypt that information, it may not make it impregnable but it sure does it make it so much harder and will see 99% of snoopers ignore your info for somebody else’s with no protection.

The great news is that there is so much more to a VPN and best of all it has never been easier to set one up for all of your devices.

In the not too distant past you all but needed a degree in computer science to know how to set up a VPN but now it is just a few clicks of your mouse and that is one of the key reasons as to why they Virtual Private Networks are becoming more and more widely used but how do you know which one is right for you.

With more choice than ever, there is a solution that is the perfect choice for you, from been at the right price point to offering the right protection, but it can be a confusing road to get to where you want to be.

Thankfully, we make that process as simple as possible as we rate and review not just the leading VPN service providers but up and coming servicers and those that should really be better known than they are.

We bring you just the information that you need with none of the fluff and let you choose the right option for you and only you.

So many websites will tell you that a VPN is the perfect choice because it is the most well-known or because it is the most used but just because it is the chosen option for 1000’s of others, it may not suit your needs.

No matter which VPN you choose there are a number of things that we would always recommend you look out for including strong encryption, plenty of servers on the VPN network, a policy of keeping no logs and one that gives you a free trial period so that you get to know the app/website before committing yourself.

Honest VPN Reviews

All of the reviews that are featured on Thorn VPN are completely honest and are simply the facts at hand and our honest opinions of the Virtual Private Network we have reviewed.

No matter what our relationship with the provider, if we are paid to feature them or not and if they are a service that we use or not, we will always be honest and independent in our reviews.

Unbiased Reviews

We will never ever change our VPN review or be influenced into giving a positive (or negative) VPN report as we fully understand that if our reviews cannot be trusted they are no good to you or to us.

Biased VPNs reviews are a big issue on the net and with your online safety and security on the line, you can trust our honest and unbiased reviews.

Independent VPN Reviews

Independence is the key to Thorn VPN as we remain fully independent from all of the services we rate and review.

Some of the services featured we use ourselves, some we have thoroughly tested and some we rely on collated verified reviews from 3rd parties and of course for most services we sue a combination of all of the above to make our reviews as thorough and as useful as possible.

When you take the plunge and choose a VPN service, the chances are that it is a service you will subscribe to for some time, so not only do you want to know that you have chosen a good quality product but one that can be trusted and relied upon to make sure that you have the best produce going forward.

Nobody wants a huge monthly bill for a 3 year old and out of date phone and nobody wants an expensive and ongoing subscription to a Virtual Private Network that has not kept with the times and that has not changed since the day you first downloaded it.

We review many of the leading services, including the likes of ExpressVPN, SurfShark, and NordVPN to lesser known services such as IvacyVPN, but no matter if you are looking for a specific review or if you are looking to find the best suited product for you, here at Thorn VPN we make that as easy and quick as possible.

Which VPN Service To Use?

The world of VPNs has grown from a few relatively unknown services to a growing number of big hitters in the industry to a massive range of services and a handful of household brands and that growth is all down to the growing demand of these services and the necessity of using a Virtual Private Network in the current era.

In the not too distant past, the internet allowed users to do what they wanted, when they wanted and with little understanding of how things work, the majority of users were simply happy to log on and do what they needed to do.

For much of the early years of the internet that was often limited to looking up some information, chatting to people on bulletin boards or sending an email or 2 and so it did not matter quite so much if anybody was accessing the information a user was positing or not.

Over the years things started to change as more and more of us use the internet for everything from banking to shopping and from working to dating- or every aspect of our life that needs us to give personal and private information.

With the data we input into a growing number of devices, from phones to computers and laptops to tablets, now needing to be secured, the invention and usage of VPNs came about and grew in importance and popularity.

As internet users get more savvy and know about the dangers that are lurking, it is sadly the case that the criminals wanting to get our data are also growing and developing their skills and that in turn means that we need a security system that continues to develop and keep pace with the baddies and that is just what the best Virtual Private Network Providers do.

It is also unfortunately the case that it is not just bedroom hackers and organised criminal gangs that are after your data as governments and even the companies that we trust are now wanting to know everything about you and use that to their advantage and that means everything we do on the net can put our personal information in danger and whilst a VPN will not give 100% protection, they are amongst the most robust barriers available.

With each of the best services offering a wide range of functions that help users in different ways, there is no 1 VPN providers that stands out head and shoulders above the other sand is the one that we would give a blanket, that is the one to use award as it really depends on how you use the internet and what you are comfortable in doing.

What we would always suggest is taking a look at the best rated VPN’s listed on Thorn VPN as they are the best all-rounder that offer the best services for the best value and are known for their security.

Who Are Thorn VPN?

Here at Thorn VPN, we know just how difficult and confusing a decision it can be to pick the right VPN for you, your family and often your place of work / home office.

With so much choice in every aspect of choosing a provider, it can often lead to people getting confused and suffering from information overload and that is why we have created an easy to use website that make it easy to choose the services that could be right for you.

We then give you all of the information you need to see the differences and to see how to try out the services to make sure that when you make your decision it is the right one.

We bring you up to date ratings of a wide range of leading and not so leading VPN’s to make it easy for you to decide on which services to start your research of and then we bring you an in-depth and up to date review of those services.

That allow you to whittle down the huge number of services to just a handful that are right for you and then you can simply try one out and see if it right for you or trial a few of the providers and compare and contrast what they offer and how easy they are for you to use- and that latter issues can often be what makes or breaks which provider you choose as with so many similarities between the top providers, how easy you find it to use one will often be the one you choose.

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