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If you are looking for reviews of VPN service and/or ranking to determine the best VPN on the market, you’re in the right place.

Here at Thorn VPN, we rate and review all of the VPN services we feature and on this page we rank them in what we view as the best of the best.

Reviews of VPN’s

When it comes to VPN’s, there are some that are great, some that are bad and lots that are somewhere in-between that but what is really difficult for those looking to download a service to use is deciding which is which.

There are lots of big brand names that we have all heard of, but does that mean that they are a good VPN and is a service that we have never heard of a great service on the up or one to avoid?

Here at ThornVPN, we aim to clear the muddy waters and to help you decide which Virtual Private Network is the right one for you as our trusted VPN reviews bring you all of the information you need from the basic facts to our thoughts on the service provided.

Editor choice 1 ExpressVPN


Our in-depth review of ExpressVPN, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service from Express VPN. Is it worth buying and what are its good and bad parts?
Editor choice 2 Nord VPN

Nord VPN

Our in-depth review of NordVPN, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service from Nord VPN. Is it worth buying and what are its good and bad parts?
Editor choice 3 Surfshark


Our in-depth review of Surfshark, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service from Surfshark VPN. Is it worth buying and what are its good and bad parts?
4 Bitdefender

Bitdefender VPN

Our in-depth review of BitDefender VPN, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service from BitDefender. Is it worth buying and what are its good and bad parts?
5 Ivacy

Ivacy VPN

Our in-depth review of Ivacy VPN, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service from Ivacy. Is it worth buying and what are its good and bad parts?
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Virtual Private Networks Reviews

Virtual Private Networks are quickly becoming a must have device in the battle for safety and security online but as a product that is still new to many internet users, there is still lots of confusion around them.

That is despite many of the products featured on this site and reviewed by us having been in consistent existence for decades.

With constant reports of hacking and data been stolen from even the biggest websites and with even the most trusted governments and companies admitted to or being exposed as accessing our personal information that they have no right to access and it is no surprise that so many of us are looking to bulk up our online security and one of the key aspects of that is by using a VPN.

Here are all of the VPN’s featured on Thorn VPN, ranked and with link to our reviews.

VPN Ratings

VPN Ratings

If you are not sure which VPN service is best for you, why not start with our top rated VPN’s currently on the market?

VPN Reviews

VPN Reviews

Get all of the information you need on a wide range of VPN services from across the globe, with our in depth VPN reviews.

Unbiased VPN Reviews

When looking for a review of a Virtual Private Network service, you want to know what they are good at, what they are bad at, why you should download one service over another and most of all, you want to know that the review that you are reading is unbiased.

Here at ThornVPN, all our are reviews are 100% unbiased reviews of VPNs as whilst we do have advertising (affiliate) agreements with many of the companies featured on site (we do have bills to pay and a living to make!), we are fully upfront about this and we never allow our agreements or lack thereof to influence our reviews and our opinions of any service.

We fully understand for our website to be successful there must be trust in our reviews and we can only gain your trust by been fully independent of the companies, products, and services that we promote.

All of the reviews of VPN’s featured on this website contain all of the information that you need to make an educated purchase of a VPN service or a subscription to VPN providers.

From the bread and butter facts and figures such as where a company is headquarters to how many servers that they have to the nitty gritty or just what they do for you, how they achieve it and why a product or service is better or worse than any of the other services featured.

We also bring you our opinion of the VPN which is built on our own experience of using the VN, from reading lots of other verified reviews and opinions form users across the globe via leading review websites and of course many feature a mixture of the 2.

Honest VPN Reviews

That unbiased stance and independence from the companies who provide the products that we review allow us to simply bring you honest VPN reviews that feature only facts and figures as well as our honest opinion on each and every Virtual Private Network that we review.

That means that you can trust us to give honest VPN reviews of not just the leading Virtual Private Network’s but also lots of unheard one waiting to be explored or those middle of the road services that maybe about the break into the big time or that maybe one that are struggling to keep up with an ever changing industry.

Why You Should Use Our VPN Reviews

VPN Reviews

When it comes to the world of VPN’s, it is one of constant change and constant evolution in a world that is already new and different to many internet users who are looking to purchase their first Virtual Private Network services.

On the one hand, the use a good quality Virtual Private Network is becoming more and more of must have as we all start to use the internet for more and more things including shopping, banking dating that need our personal and business information but on the other hand, the choice of VPNs is also becoming more and more so just how can a novice user now which is the best and how can even a more advance computer user know which is the right provider for them?

The simple answer is having all of the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Due to the ever changing nature of VPN’s, from the functions that they offer to the cost of them and form the new providers starting up to old providers disappearing, it can be difficult to find the information that you need.

Even if you do find the information that you feel you need, the chances are that it will be biased and not always accurate but that is where we here at ThornVPN step in.

All of VPN services that we feature are long standing ones that have shown for year after year that they are safe to use and that they are in it for the long run.

They are also ones that continue to improve and change to keep up with the ever changing requirements of Virtual Private Network users and whilst we rank the providers to make it easy at a glance to decide which are the better services, to make an informed decision, you really need more than a simple overview and that is why we bring you are in depth VPN reviews.

These reviews feature all of the information that you need to decide which is the best services for you as everybody uses the internet in different ways and everybody needs different things from VPN providers.

To make things easier, we recommend that you start by choosing from our top ranked VPNs, read through the reviews and then simply use trials or money backs offers to take advantage of signing up and trying out the providers for yourself.

That is because whilst the top providers do have their differences, the margins are incredibly fine and the top ones all excel in a number of key functions and all offer great value so for many, it can simply come down to the service that they find the easiest to use and the only way to figure out that is by actually trying the service for yourself.

Reviews of VPNs

If you are looking for reviews of VPNs you are in the right place as that is exactly what we here at Thorn VPN bring you.

For many of us, the decision to which service to use when it comes to Virtual Private Network is one that will be a decision on a long term commitment as once we have committed to a provider, the chances are that we will stay with them.

That is especially true of the vast majority of the providers that we feature on this website as the majority of services, especially those that are amongst our most well ranked, are services that offer good value and are committed to keeping up with the latest trends, functions and must have features.

That in many ways future proofs out decision but that is only really a good thing if we choose the right provider to start with.

If you are on this page and are looking for the latest and best VPN reviews, you are more than likely in the position where you have come to the decision that you need a Virtual Private Network but you are not sure which is the right service for you and do not worry that is truly understandable position to be in and by visiting us here at Thorn VPN, you are in the right place to get the answers that you need.

The wonderful world of Virtual Private Networks is one that constantly changes but despite that it is also an industry that is quite new to many of us.

That means that for many looking to purchase their first subscription to a VPN provider, by the time they have spent weeks and weeks of researching them, the service or even the industry has changed.

That is why we believe that you are in the right place by visiting us as we rate and review the majority o the worlds leading providers and bring you all of the information that you need to know about each of them in our in-depth reviews.

One of the biggest issues facing those looking for the perfect provider is that each of use the internet in different ways and for different reason and that also means that we need a VPN that provides different services and functions.

Some services will excel in some ways and some will struggle at certain things so if you know a specific reason as to why you need a VPN, you may think it is simply a case of choose the provider that offers you the solution to that issue the best.

That is not something that we would recommend however as whilst you may feel you only need a service for single issue at the moment, the chances are that you just have not discovered the great other functions offered or you will find that you quickly need the use of another service.

You may also find that when you sign up for a provider, they offer everything that you need but in a short time the ever changing word of VPN’s creates another great solution to internet security issues and that your chosen provider does not offer it and show little interest in developing it.

That is why our top ranked services are ones that may not the cheapest and may not be the absolute best at 1 single thing but they re the ones that offer great value, offered excellence in a wide range of functionalities and they are also ones that have stood the test of time and that have shown a commitment to keeping their product up to date.

That means that you can trust the providers that we rank highlight, as much as it is possible, to be a great service so that just means reading throughout our reviews, testing them out for yourself and then deciding which is the best for you.

As well has been proven services at keeping you up to date with the best practises and best functions, the services that we feature also have along history of been safe and secure to use and in keeping your information safe- which is of course the most important aspect of any product or service that is designed in the main to keep you safe from others.

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