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Access Restricted Content By Using a VPN

Access Restricted Content By Using a VPN
From the BBC iPlayer to Netflix and from YouTube videos to news websites, the internet is now more restricted than ever as companies look to show only certain things in certain locations and governments look to stop what people can read and view.

On the plus side a VPN can allow you to get around these restrictions and continue to use the internet with much more freedom, but unfortunately it is often against the terms of service of these websites and can lead to you getting banned and/or losing your account with them.

Stop Geo-Restrictions

Whilst safety and security is of course paramount to all of us when using connect devices, one of the growing uses of a VPN, and one of the functions of a Virtual Private Network that really separate them from other security services, is the ability to get around geo-restrictions.

The internet has lots of plusses and lots of negatives but one aspect that has continually proven to be a great plus is the ability to connect people across the globe and to share content and information.

For so long, if you were in a small village in Papua or in the centre of London, you could access the same information as each other and share your thoughts, ideas, and things that you had created.

The internet has also allowed smaller businesses and individuals to offers their services and things that they have created to the world but now there is a growing movement from businesses and governments to crack down on those freedoms and to restrict the information that can be viewed online.

Most people will think that those sort of things do not happen in countries such as the UK, Australia, America, Canada, Germany etc. etc. but as these countries lean further and further to the right, civil liberties and freedoms are disappearing quickly with one of the major crackdowns been on the internet.

One method that is been used is a process known as geo-restriction, this is where content on the internet is only allowed to be viewed by people in certain countries.

This is used to block content that may not be too friendly to a government in a country or that shows problems with major industries in a country or it can be as simply as blocking tv, film and books that a country does not deem to be appropriate for their citizens.

This is easy for countries to do without their citizens knowing but if you travel long haul on holiday or for work, you will often be shocked as to what access is restricted to you.

From using your favourite news sites to social media and from streaming services to online shopping, if you use a mainstream website at home, the chances are it will be different or restricted to others around the world and vice versus.

The great news is that a VPN allows you to select where you connect to the internet from, so if you are trying to access content produced abroad, you can set your server location as being that country or if you are travelling and want to access content from your home country, simply select your server as your home country.

Access Restricted Apps

If you are on the go and using your phone or tablet, you maybe thinking that it does not make a difference and that you are ok at accessing what you want to access as you are not using a browser but you are using an app but sadly that is not the case as just in the same way as access to websites can be blocked, access to apps can be stopped.

In some ways, it can actually be worse trying to access even the most popular apps on the go or whilst travelling as people look to take advantage of that belief.

We all use apps to access social media, access online banking and access just about everything else but whilst we take these things for granted, in other places around the world the app that you use daily, may not be allowed and so if you are travelling, you can only do your daily routine by using a VPN.

The popularity of apps sees new ones been developed daily and the next must use app is seemingly only ever hours away but far too often we will see a great new service been promoted on social media or been mentioned on a podcast or video, only for us to try and access it but only to find out that it is restricted.

The great news is that if that is the case, you can now use a VPN to change your location and to access all of the trending apps from across the globe.

The same can also be utilised for any apps that you are currently using but then are forced to offer a different service in your country. Simply select a new location and access the apps as the developer expected you to be able to do so.

Access Real News

If you are a regular reader of news websites online, via an app or browser, you will lily not know that you are often not getting a full and impartial picture of the world news as more and more news services either prefer to give you information that they think you will like or they are forced into do so by government and/or by the owners of the news agency/service.

The majority of news providers nowadays simply hire people to re-write news provided by and Press Agency to give it a slant that they want their readers to have but we have seen time and time again just how dangerous and divisive this can be.

Thankfully, the majority of news websites do not really care what those abroad think and believe so they will offer a much more neutral story and these can be access via a VPN.

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