Will having a VPN prevent me from been infected with Virus?

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Will having a VPN prevent me from been infected with Virus?
No matter what product or service you have, there is nothing that can 100% prevent your devices from becoming infected by a virus and any product that does guarantee that is something you should be wary of.

A Virtual Private Network, VPN, is a great at encrypted anything that you input into your devices and send to the internet and they are an incredibly tool as part of the battle to keep safe on the internet but what they are not in infallible and what a VPN does not excel at is protecting your from what comes from the internet to your device and that is exactly what a virus does.

Whilst in some ways it does make it harder for a virus to infect you and does offer a small level of protection, it is nowhere near the level of a decent anti-virus software and nowhere near to the level of using a robust multiservice set up with a Firewall, anti-virus software, anti-malware software and of course a good quality VPN.

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