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Protect Your Anonymity By Using a VPN

Protect Your Anonymity By Using a VPN
A Virtual Private Network allows you to hide your IP (Internet Protocol) address as it connects using its own, often newly created, IP address so when you access a website or app, it sees that new address and not yours.

IP address allow companies, the government and anybody else to know who you are, where you are based and then they can track you across the internet and know your habits and know what you get up to.

Keep Anonymous Online

Whilst most companies use this tracking to simply spam you with more and more adverts which is more of an annoyance than anything else, it can be used for much more nefarious reasons.

Some companies take that one step further and use all of the information that they gather on you to influence your behaviour as they keep showing you the products that they believe you should be buying instead of ones that you do buy or ones that are actually of some interest to you.

This can change your shopping habits, normally from a smaller local provider to a multi-national.

Unfortunately, this also is been taken a step further with companies and political parties taken all of this information and trying to tie your surfing habits into connecting their beliefs to your behaviour.

This has seen the rise of far rights groups across the globe and to a lesser extend far left groups and is becoming a giant concern for citizens worldwide.

For most of us we may not even realise that we have an IP address and for those that do know, we do not take a second to think about it but these string of numbers give websites, apps and social media companies a huge amount of data about us.

IP are normally tied in some regards to our physical location so anybody accessing your freely available IP address can have a rough idea of where you live, certainly to a town or city level.

Whilst this can sometimes be useful, for example so a website knows if it can deliver to where you live, for other it can be dangerous to give out that info and in the end it all comes down to should you be the person to choose what info you give and what info you don’t?

Knowing your IP address allows companies to control your experience of using their service and for sing the internet as a whole but with your wi-fi operators, your ISP (internet service provider) and in some parts of the world even government agencies following your every move on the net, there are an awful lot of people knowing an awful lot of information about you.

By using a VPN you can add extra barriers in stopping those snoopers by creating an IP from anywhere in the world with little to no links back to you.

Being Anonymous Does Not Mean You Are Bad

As governments and the media across the world but especially in the west are moving further and further to the right, the rights and freedoms or the everyday man are being taken away and when it comes to being online, that comes down to your freedom to do what you want, how you want (so long as you stay within the law of course!) but that is becoming harder and harder.

From search engines to apps and from browsers to social media (who are by far the worst offenders), just about everything we do online is now tracked, traced, and distorted so that what we see online is different from what our neighbour will see.

Unfortunately, there has been a narrative developed by the media and by governments that if you choose to be anonymous online, you are obviously a criminal but many users simply want to be anonymous so that they get the intent or apps as they should be seen and that they can use their favourite websites, email services and/or apps without having to worry about been tracked and without been worried about any information that we input into our connected devices either been stolen or been sold on.

With many feeling that they should give up security and safety online and that they simply should accept the dangers of using the internet and the annoyances of been spammed due to using a VPN and been anonymous online making you a bad person, it simply make sit easier for criminals to get the information out of you that you want.

Unfortunately, it is the media and especially social media that spreads stories about how been anonymous online is such a bad thing and should not be allowed but it of course those same services that make the majority of their money by tracking what you do and passing that information on to advertisers.

Don’t fall for one of the biggest conflicts of interest in the modern world and help to keep safer online by using the anonymity of a great VPN service that create a private network out of a public network and keep you from been track a and followed around the internet and that go a long way from saving the information that you input been stolen.


When you use a VPN on a connect device, it encrypts the data from your usage so that it cannot be tracked and so that it cannot be stolen by anybody snooping on what you do.

The VPNS featured on this page all use AES, which stands for Advanced Encryption Standard, to scramble the data that you submit and to keep you safe and anonymous online.

The is the standard encryption used around the world and since been developed in 2002, it has proven to be robust, safe and the chosen encryption standard for many product and services, not just Virtual Private Networks.

Now that you know the benefits of staying anonymous online, visit our top 10 page to choose from the best rated VPNs that are currently available for use.

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