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Get Cheaper Travel When Using a VPN

Get Cheaper Travel When Using a VPN
If you are a frequent traveller or if you are simply a lover of bargains, the great news is that by using a good quality VPN, Virtual Private Network, you can enjoy huge savings on your travels.

That is because every time you visit a website, it collects information about you and your habits. A website owner can often know which other websites you have visited and where you are located so if you have been lucky at luxury cars and then visited a travel site, do not be surprised if you pay more.

End Price Discrimination With a VPN

Whilst many websites across multiple industries base their pricing on similar systems, it is perhaps most widely used in the travel industry and it is the industry where it is the most noticeable.

That is because people from across the world are searching the same websites for the same flights, cruises, hotels rooms and more anywhere in the world.

If a company is to make a sale in a one part of the world it will have to charge much less for the same product as it would to somebody looking to buy in another part of the world.

To give an example and to hopefully simplify things, if you are in a relatively well-off country such as the UK, the USA of Switzerland and you look for a flight from Heathrow to New York, you will be shown a much higher price than if you were looking on the same website, for the same flight, at the same time and with the same airline but you are searching from a country with a much lower income level such as Taiwan, India or Poland.

Websites use things such as cookies and especially IP address to know your habits and where you are located but there is a way to stop that and to start getting a fair price.

The good news is that if you use a decent or better VPN service, you can easily select where a website believes you are located, so if you select a low income country, you will likely see lower prices.

Travel Price Steering

The practise of showing different prices to different people in different locations is known as price steering and whilst it is something that is commonly used, it is something that often isn’t talked about or worried about.

The simple reason for that is the fact that it is something that you cannot see and it isn’t going to be flagged by the media, as it is a practise that they participate in and profit from.

Unfortunately, this practise is become more and more sophisticated and even if you change your services locations, the airlines, ferry companies, train providers, cruise line etc etc will realise that you are using a proxy and update the prices.

That is because you will more than likely need to enter your real location at some point but if not required you can still save money by changing your location.

Get Access To Local Offers Using A VPN

One great use of a VPN when looking to save money travelling is when you change your location to been that of the airline, cruise line, ferry operators etc etc home country as companies will often have offers that are aimed at their home markets that beat any available to overseas travellers.

In a similar method, if you have done any level of travelling you will likely know that no matter what it is you are wanting to book ticket for, from flights to cruises and from ferries to trains, there are more often than not two key methods of saving money.

The first way is to book early and the second way is to book last minute.

If you book as soon as tickets become available, you often get the best prices available up until the last few days before travel but you also have the best availability so you get the choice of seat, cabin and/or time of travel when booking.

Whilst you can leave it until the last minute, you are then left basically with the leftovers, so you get the worse seats, the worst cabins, and the worst times.

With that in mind, it is clear that for the savvy traveller looking to save money, booking early is the best option and that is where a VPN can come into its own and make things cheaper for you.

For many services, especially for internal travel in a country, the tickets will go on sale earlier to those based locally, before opening up to general sale and to the rest of the world earlier.

In that ‘presale’ it is often the case that the cheapest seats or cabins are taken and that means you have already missed out even if you are set up and ready to book on day one in your country.

To get around that, all that you need to do is simpler change your location to the home nation and book earlier.

Do Not Believe The Hype

We are sure that many of you will be looking to save money on travel using a VPN after watching YouTube videos showing you just how easy it is to do it.

They will head to a travel comparison/search engine site and go through the process of showing you looking up the price of a travel ticket or accommodation from their home country and then from abroad or the country the travel provider resides in and they will show you that there is a difference in price and then tell you how easy it is to get that price.

What they often/never show you is the fact that whilst you can easily see the new price, actually purchasing your ticket or booking your accommodation is much tougher and most websites will be set up to block you from doing so on anything but a local to you based server/website.

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