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Get Cheaper Shopping When Using a VPN

Get Cheaper Shopping When Using a VPN
In the golden age of the web, at least for the big .com companies, people would, visit a site, find the product or service that they wanted and if the website offered it, they would buy it for the price stated.

Nowadays things are completely different as websites take as much information as they can from you and they use that to come up with a different price based on that information.

End Price Discrimination With a VPN

For those of you who were not aware of that fact, you will know likely be asking a lot of questions to yourself starting with how, why and is it legal.

To start with, yes it is legal in the, majority of jurisdictions across the globe but the good news is that by using a VPN you can fight back against price discrimination.

To answer the how and why questions, it will perhaps be best to an example.

It is the travel industry that is often the biggest culprit with price discrimination with airlines and hotel websites been the worst of the worst.

If you are to look for a hotel online, many will know that if you go from one website to another you can get the same room, in the same hotel on the same dates for a different price but did you know that, dependent on where you are searching the website form, you will be shown a different price.

If you live is a relatively well-off country such as the UK, the US, Switzerland you will be shown a much higher price that if you live in a country with a much lower income on average such as Taiwan or Poland.

The why is a simple question to answer as they do this to maximise the amount of money that they think they can sell a room for and to maximise their profits.

It is really quite straight forward for companies to do this as every time you visit a website you give them lots of information including cookies and super cookies, your IP address (which includes your location) and GPS information if you are using a mobile device.

The good news is that you can combat so much of that by simply using a VPN as your data, including your location is encrypted and if you want you can actually choose where websites see your location as been from and guess what, if you select a lower income country, you will likely see a lower price!

Stay Safe and Secure When Shopping Online

We all love to shop online, from using online marketplaces to some of the biggest shops in the world to ordering takeaway and paying for tickets to the latest show, a big match or a top gig, but what so many of us take for granted is that we will be safe when doing so.

From the comfort of the little lock icon to running anti-virus software and from security systems of our credit/debit card producers to the trust we have in the companies that we are buying from- just what could go wrong when spending money online?

The answer is lots and sadly a lot of the security we have in place and think will protect us counts for very little if somebody hijacks out connection to the web and get in the middle of us inputting data and that been passed onto a website.

If you use public wi-fi which is now so prevalent in place such as shopping centres, on public transport, in hotels and in cafes, bars and restaurants up and down the country, it is actually a sadly not to unexpected occurrence for somebody to try and steal data passed between users and the providers server and that will mean your credit/debit card details or banking information.

The good news is that by using a VPN, you can encrypt everything you input into a connected device so that it gets scrambled before it makes it a place where anybody else can get it.

Cheaper Prices Using A VPN

The economies of world biggest markets are becoming more and more entwined as goods are shipped around the world with ease whilst service can be often offered remotely to anywhere with an internet connection.

That creates opportunities for providers to offer better products for cheaper prices and it gives consumers, such as you and me, the opportunity to source just what we want at the price we want to pay.

Unfortunately, there are a number of issues to take into consideration when buying from abroad, including import taxes and currency exchanges, but even if you take everything into account, you can often still save lots of money.

If you have found what you want for the price that you want, looked up the shipping costs, the currency exchange rate difference and the import taxes and you know just how much it should cost, you will often be shocked to see that the price you pay is considerably more than what you have worked it out as.

Whilst there is the chance that you have simply forgotten about something or that you have miscalculated a cost, the chances are that it is because a company has seen that you are based abroad and perhaps in a more affluent country and they have simply decided to round up all of the extra costs involved.

Whilst a little round up here or there may not seem too big of an issue, it can quickly rack up and become a major percentage of the initial purchase price but the good news is that by masking your location, you can often get the true price as even by entering your real postal address, the pricing is sorted automatically via your ip address.

Stop Price Steering By Using A VPN

If you are using an ecommerce website with a global reach or if you are looking to purchase digital products that are sold to anyone, anywhere in the world, you will more than likely have been forced to accept the practice of price steering.

This is where a company use you ip address to see where you are located in and price their product/service to match.

If you are from a more affluent country, the price of most digital products on some websites will cost much more than they would if you were from a poorer country, so why not simply use a VPN to block where your located or to even select been from one of those poorer countries?

Using VPN To Buy Things Cheaper

If you are searching for ways of using VPN to buy things cheaper or if you are already taking advantage of the great savings but want to save even more money or at least have the fair pricing we all get as standard anyway, then this saving money by using a VPN guide is for you.

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