Will having a VPN prevent me from been hacked?

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To answer that question quickly, the answer is no. Buying a subscription to a Virtual Private Network provider will not stop you from been hacked and any services that guarantees that is one to be weary of as no service of any sort can 100% prevent you from been hacked.

The best way to give yourself the best chance of not been hacked to have a number of different security features on all of the devices that you use including firewalls, antivirus software, anti-malware software and of course a robust and high quality VPN.

A VPN is certainly up there as one of the most robust services in the fight to protect yourself against hackers but it is not 100% fool proof and a guarantee of been safe from those looking to hack your devices, system and information.

An example of this would be if you are a regular user of public wi-fi networks, such as those you find on public transport, in coffee shops and in shopping centres.

When you log in to those hotspots, they are unsecure by their very nature as they are open to everybody. You will sometimes be asked to input your name and email and then you can log in.

Normally you will select something like coffeeshop1 or train1 for the network but with it been open to everybody, there is a chance that somebody has set up a ‘spoof network’ called coffeshop2 or train2.

If you select those networks without a VPN they will instantly have your name and email and then they will have anything else you share whilst using.

If you do some banking, they have your bank details, if you buy something, they have your credit card details if you login into a social media account, they have your username and password details etc.

If you log in using a VPN, you will still have to give your name and email to start with to access the network but from there on in, everything you do is encrypted so whilst they may be able to follow you around, they cannot get any of the details you input such as passwords, bank details and card details.

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