Will having a VPN protect me from Phishing Scams?

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Will having a VPN protect me from Phishing Scams?
As with anything to do with scams and criminals trying to get what they want using the internet, there is no way to 100% protect yourself against Phishing Scams but a VPN is one of the best methods of keeping scammers at bay and giving yourself the best chance to not fall victim to Phishing Scams.

Each VPN provider offered a slightly different service and as with everything in life, some are much better than others but if you pick a good quality VPN, there are a number of features that can help in the battle against phishing scams.

Phishing can come in a number of forms but it is at its basic level a fraudulent attempt to gain information including usernames, passwords, credit and debit cards details and other important information that you input into websites.

This is done by sending instant messages, texts (SMS), and the most widely used option of an email where the scammers pretends to be a services, such as a bank or credit card company or an online store or any other widely used website or app where you input sensitive information.

The communication incudes a link to a website which against looks like the legitimate business and it asks you to input your information but whilst this would normally be on a secure connection and sent only to the legitimate business, this is often unsecure and always sent only to the scammer.

To help combat against that many VPN services come complete with a malicious website detector, which is basically a database of known phishing websites and they will warn you if you come across one.

A decent VPN will block scammers from tracking you around the internet and from grabbing your email address in the first place, although this can be gathered from numerous other places.

Another option utilised by scammers is browser hijacking, which is where a scammer access your network and create a redirect from a legitimate website and redirects you to their scam version.

This is highly effective and hugely dangerous for you as you type a legitimate URL and that gives you an extra feeling of security.

Another way that a VPN service can help is that they often come with a firewall. This is one of the strongest forms of blocking information coming from the net onto your device.

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